Honorary Fellowship Nominations

(Deadline: June 30)

Method of Nomination
s should include

  • Two letters of nomination, two pages maximum
  • The nominee's Curriculum Vitae

Nomination Procedure

Mail original to:

Chair, Committee on Honorary Fellowship
The American College of Psychiatrists
111 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1440
Chicago, IL 60601
You may also e-mail an electronic copy to Nathan@ACPsych.org

Honorary Fellows

George Alleyne

Julius Axelrod

Dinesh K.M.L. Bhugra

Burton G. Burton-Bradley

Edna B. Foa

Peter Fonagy

John Richard Geddes

David Paul Goldberg

Astrid Nøklebye Heiberg

Sheila Baroness Hollins

Florian Holsboer

Kay Redfield Jamison

Seymour Kety

Mary Jeanne Kreek

Malcolm H. Lader

Alan I. Leshner

George Mahy

Savita Malhotra

Mario Maj

Alexander McFarlane

Julien Mendlewicz

Robin MacGregor Murray

Ahmed Okasha 

Pierre Pichot

Beverley Raphael

W. Linford Rees

Julius Richmond

Lee Robins

Martin Roth

Michael Rutter

Norman Sartorius

David Satcher

Mark L. Solms

Fridolin Sulser

Myrna M. Weissman

Lennart C.E. Wetterberg