Becoming a Member

Potential Members must be recommended by a sponsor—a current Fellow of The College— who nominates the candidate and submits the following documentation:

  • Letter of recommendation written by the main sponsor (must be a current Fellow of The College)
  • Letters of recommendation from three other Members of The College, at least one of whom is a Fellow (Please contact The College if you need a Membership Directory to help you identify potential sponsors)*The Committee is open to receiving these references in formats other than traditional letters, such as a two or three minute video or a YouTube link. 
    Guidelines for recommendation letters
  • Completed Membership Sponsorship Form (to be filled out by main sponsor who must be a Fellow)
  • Completed Membership Application (to be filled out by candidate) **NEW** Please read all directions on the Membership Application.  Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.
  •  **NEW** Current Five Page CV that follows the Membership Application Headings
  • All documentation should be collected by the main sponsor.  The main sponsor should then forward the completed package to The College.

The deadline for submitting Membership materials is June 1, 2024.  Please e-mail one complete PDF packet to

Membership rubric:  Universal Scoring Sheet


June 1:  Membership Application deadline (please e-mail one complete PDF  packet to

Mid-October:  Membership Applications reviewed and approved by the Board and Membership Committee

Early November:  Applicants receive notification

Next Annual Meeting:  Members who were approved in October should attend the next Annual Meeting

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact The College  at 312.938.8840.