Application Process


The Program Director from each separately accredited general and child and adolescent training program in the United States and Canada, may submit one (1) nomination.

The nominee must be a current PGY II or III in general psychiatry (PRITE® Fellowship) or a first year child fellow (CHILD PRITE® Fellowship).  Due to the time commitment required, nominations cannot be accepted for those residents who are PGY IVs or second year child fellows.

The recipient must be able to attend the entire meeting of the PRITE® Editorial Board held in July during each of the two (2) years after being named a Fellow.  

IMPORTANT: Time Commitment Required for PRITE Fellows:

The candidate and Program Director should be aware that the PRITE Fellowship is a big time committment.  The Fellows will write 25-30 new questions that are due in early January.  At the same time, they will work in pairs to complete batch review assignments, which are due in early/mid December.  These assignments are sent out almost immediately after accepting the Fellowship.  A second Batch Review assignment is sent out in early June (due late June) in preparation for the July Meeting.  The new Fellows are required to participate in three conference calls (half hour or so each) - two in October and one in June.  The first two calls in October provide more detail and instruction related to the assignments.  The call in June provides an overview of the July Meeting.  Here is a timeline of PRITE activities for reference: Timeline.

Typically, PRITE question writers spend about two hours from start to finish on each question.  Some questions may take longer and some may take less time.  The candidate and Program Director should not only be aware of, but also be supportive of this time commitment.  

To provide you with a better understanding of how the candidates are scored, here is the Scoring Rubric used to score candidates: Scoring Rubric

PRITE Fellowship Selection Committee - Outgoing Fellow Appointment

At the PRITE Editorial Board Meeting in July, the PRITE Editors will select an outgoing PRITE/CHILD PRITE Fellow to serve a one-year term on the PRITE Fellowship Selection Committee.  Their contribution to the selection process will be valuable in selecting the next group of Fellows. 

Compile Nomination Packet

1. Nomination Form - Nominator must be the Program Director. NOTE: Candidates may be nominated for either the PRITE or Laughlin Fellowship, but not both in the same year.

2.  Nomination letter from the Program Director that indicates the reasons for the candidate’s nomination and the Director’s endorsement of the candidate - Suggestions for Nominator's letter

  • Please be sure to descibe how and why the PRITE Fellowship would be relevant to your candidate's career goals.  Also, please describe  why the candidate would be a good fit on the PRITE Editorial Board based on their experience.
  • Sample PD Letters

        Sample Letter #1

        Sample Letter #2

        Sample Letter #3

3.  Letter from the candidate outlining his/her current interests in psychiatry.  This letter should also address significant personal accomplishments related to teaching and/or writing, for example, organizing a study course or specific activities related to PRITE or other examinations or curricula.  The letter may indicate how the PRITE Fellowship/writing questions for the PRITE could influence the candidate’s future career and why the candidate would be a good fit for the PRITE Fellowship based on their experience. NOTE: Selected candidates may not write exam questions for any other organization while serving on the PRITE Editorial Board. 

4.  Nominee’s curriculum vitae

5.  Five original multiple-choice sample questions with answer key, rationale and references.  It is strongly recommended that candidates review the "Suggestions for Writing Good Questions".

  • REQUIRED: Two, out of the five original multiple-choice questions must be vignette style questions.
  • Be sure to write with a thoughtful application of concepts (versus simple factual knowledge)
  • The questions should be independent of one another and should also cover different content areas.  For reference: PRITE Content Outline and CHILD PRITE Content Outline
  • A different reference source should be used for each question.  
  • Please submit one question (along with answer key, rationale and reference(s)) per page. 

Nominations must be received by The College no later than August 15, 2019*.

How to Submit the Nomination Packet

E-mail all documents in pdf format to:  Please do not scan hard copies of application documents (text quality diminished and difficult to read).  Please email one complete pdf file of all application documents. 

*Nominations received after August 15, 2019 will not be considered.  Please DO NOT fax nomination packets.