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Please choose which fellowship you wish to make a nomination for. Nominees for the PRITE Fellowships who intend to specialize in child psychiatry can mark "PRITE w/Child PRITE" to also be considered for the Child PRITE Fellowship.

PRITE Fellowship
Child PRITE Fellowship
PRITE w/CHILD PRITE Consideration
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Please remove all identifying information (questions are scored blindly)

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Only if Adult Psychiatry Program Director wishes to nominate a current PGY 3 resident for CHILD PRITE (should include a brief statement of support from the Child Fellowship Director).

NOTE: Each separately accredited sponsoring institution may submit only one nomination.

NOTE: Candidates may be nominated for either the PRITE or Laughlin Fellowship, not both in the same year. Those selected as a PRITE or Laughlin Fellow may not apply for the other fellowship in future years.

DEADLINE: Applications due by: May 15th of each calendar year