College Comments on Proposed Changes to ACGME’s Common Program Requirements for Residents and Fellows

Recently, The College’s Committee on Diversity, Respectful Inclusion, and Equity met to consider proposed changes to ACGME’s Common Program Requirements (CPR) for Residents and Fellows.  Specifically, the Committee discussed changes to Requirement #1.C. governing workforce recruitment and retention, as well as the proposed elimination of related annual evaluation requirements.

As a result of this discussion, the Committee recommended that The College’s Board of Regents submit a comment to ACGME encouraging the organization to retain language in the CPR requiring programs to focus on the “recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce of residents, fellows (if present), faculty members, senior administrative staff members, and other relevant members of its academic community.” The Committee’s rationale was that the proposed revision of striking out the list of positions after the word "workforce" left this term undefined when specificity is needed for diversity and inclusion. The Committee also asked the Board to request that ACGME leave in place language requiring an annual assessment of the program’s efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

The Board approved the language recommended by the Committee and submitted its comments to ACGME.  The Committee’s recommendations are consistent with those of peer organizations such as APA, AADPRT and ADMSEP. To read the submitted comments in their entirety, click here