Indicators of Proficiency

    • ABPN certification in psychiatry or equivalent        
    • An academic appointment is desirable (include site, level, and tenure)     
    •  Evidence of some publications (number and type) 
    • Documented evidence of broad administrative excellence.  Criteria include but are not limited to:
      Demonstrated progression in administrative offices and titles held in primary job areas
      Reports from colleagues about administrative skills
      Reports from subordinates/employees about skills/accomplishments 
    •  Documented participation in psychiatric/non-psychiatric professional organizations over time (level/consistency)   Criteria include but are not limited to:
       Organization activity (e.g. committee work)
       Offices/titles held outside primary job area
       District branch activities
       Medical society activities
    •  Awards and Honors for professional/non-professional activities including recognition by colleagues, students, and communities
    •  Documented evidence of professional/non-professional community involvement, including speaking  engagements, memberships, offices held, and activities maintained 
    •  Mental Health Administrative Boards, M.B.A., M.P.H., or equivalent or examiner for ABPN or subspecialty boards or Certificate of Analytic Training  
    •  Former College Laughlin or PRITE Fellow